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NexTrade strives to be the order execution system of choice for all members of the Financial community. By combining a keen knowledge of the market with a world class modulate electronic direct access execution platform, NexTrade can bring quality electronic execution services to every sector of the Financial market place.

Members of the Money Management or Buy Side community have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the latest advances at NexTrade. We have designed a special platform for Investment Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, Pension Fund Managers and Mutual Fund Managers that includes:

  • DVP Capabilities
  • Market Statistics
  • Back Office and Clearing Functions
Money Managers finally have the power to cut out all the middlemen and go directly to the market to execute their orders. No more high transaction costs and poor executions. NexTrade gives you the power to compete in today's electronic trading environment.

Strategic Customers

NexTrade prides itself in supplying technology and execution systems to some of the most recognizable names in the financial community. (NASDAQ symbol LINE) is an active customer of NexTrade. is the new leader in the next generation of professional brokerage services. Their mission is simple: provide the customer with the best brokerage service at the lowest overall cost by utilizing the latest and most advanced information sources and trading systems. They provide their customers access to brokerage services at a whole new level, by empowering their brokers and sales traders with a powerful Wall Street style trading desk complete with instantaneous news information, unbiased research, after hours trading, and the most advanced order handling systems available.

NexTrade provides electronic trading tools that help experienced brokers capitalize on the trading and investment opportunities discovered as a result of the better information, faster reporting, before and after hours trading, and instantaneous executions. Brokers at will proactively monitor portfolios and guide trading and investing decisions as a result of being completely in tune with the market.

The trading systems NexTrade has provided do more than provide the best prices. These systems allow their brokers to see the inside market in specific securities. Seeing the inside market allows their brokers to help clients determine a limit price and estimate the probability of receiving an execution. Viewing the depth of the market (i.e., the number of buyers and sellers at various prices) reduces missed opportunities. This information can be invaluable as investors and brokers alike are often frustrated by missed opportunities created by the uncertainty associated with a limit order. NexTrade helps alleviate these frustrations. For further information please contact at 1-561-995-1010 or visit their website at

GlobalNet Financial (GLBN), is a multimedia provider of online news and financial information services to the investment community and MicroCap companies. seeks to be the #1 source for small-cap stock information and personal wealth-building strategies. State-of-the-art tools combine with up-to-the-minute news and cutting-edge commentary to help build online investing skills.

NexTrade is an execution choice in the CyBerTrader and CyBerX trading platform. You can also access NexTrade through TradeCast trading systems.

CyBerCorp is an electronic trading technology group. Its wholly owned subsidiary, CyberBroker, has direct technology links to NexTrade, thus providing its clients with access to one of the most advanced ECNs in the industry. CyBerBroker's clients can route orders directly to NexTrade and avail themselves of NexTrade's ability to provide a liquid, 24-hour market.

Maximum Financial Investment Group, Inc. is a leader in online institutional/retail order execution. The firm has an experienced background in this arena which allows it to offer a host of financial information coupled with the power of technology, allowing them to offer premium service and support without charging high commissions. Their experience lies in institutional order execution and by partnering with NexTrade, they have a competitive technological edge over traditional brokerage firms. This enables them to keep up with the demands of the online institutional business, which will experience phenomenal growth over the next decade. For further information, please contact Maximum Financial at (800) 450-2667 or visit their website at

NexTrade executes orders for over 100 financial institutions. Many of our customers enjoy the anonymity that the NexTrade ECN provides. Being able to enter and exit a market without being detected or recognized is a benefit in today's volatile market conditions.

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